Stakeholders in Govt

The biggest problem I see in Government is that most things are too abstracted in regards to accountability.

Who really do govt workers answer to? Is it really the citizen? we laugh at the crazy person that says to the govt worker “I pay your salary.” But isn’t it true. Doesn’t is illustrated our frustration with government bureaucracy in general?

Who do bureaucrats really answer to? Well unfortunately the 3 main groups are legislation, lawsuits, and sometimes the press. Wow… no wonder their metrics are broken and most processes involve so much CYA.

We need to instead have customer (citizen) satisfaction have a more direct role and impact on their budgets. Maybe I suggest some kind of role for getsatisfaction style feedback? maybe even a game where citizens get so many reward points to give out so they can rate their interactions.

Woah before going nuts, I am not suggesting direct democracy. I don’t think we can handle that! But at least look at a few options to give citizens more direct sayso than just who they elect? That is not direct feedback and is inherently broken.

It prevents rapid development and in a world of rapid development is means govt will rarely solve problems like the banking industry in time.