Post SXSW update

So what have I been up to lately you may ask since I haven’t even come close to updating this blog often enough.

Well my current passion is and the whole “internet of things” At SapphireOS we are creating a mesh network of things. I am concerned about many of the projects I see in this “IoT” arena because of the disjointed nature. I can’t imagine having a different website for every networked gadget I buy. And don’t even get me started on the privacy aspects esp in regards to the Quantitative Self toys. So I am getting involved in every standards body I can! ping me if you see something interesting and intro me around please! You know me I’ve been advocating Citability and#OpenData for almost a decade.

As many of you know what really gets my blood flowing is organizing. So I look at this chaotic space and think… We can organize ALL THE THINGS – literally ( and yes I do mean Literally.)

I am also helping with another kickstarter for some blinky light jewelry that I hope will be another one of the the “things” on the network.

And I have dreams of doing a Blinky light GAME at Burningman in 2014. One that has implications in the developing world. I promise to blog more about it later. And I am finding various NPO and Academic partners! Even grant proposals… (and could use some writing help here of course.)

I am also making a resolution to have more tea parties. I did one last week in SF and it was so amazing. Yes I prepped for two days but still… it was a glorious thing. So i wanna figure out how to do a kickstarter for parties. Normally I have to find a sponsor and that always slows me doing from doing the really epic parties I enjoy throwing.

hugs all!