Ownership of data

Rarely does one entity (person for simplification purposes) OWN data. Most data is relational or is only useful in the context of a relationship. So most data is owned by at least two parties.

Consider “friending” on a social network. That “friendship” is actually a child of your relationship. You have BOTH claimed it as true so therefore you BOTH own that “child.”

This makes relationship data and its ownership a complex but not impossible setup.

We just have to create a system that acknowledges that dual ownership.

This is difficult because people are used to “OWNing” traditional objects. I think the closest and most emotional analogy i can use is children. A blending of DNA, that is of both and of neither… does it deserve to live on it own?

To take things a step further… same with most data in your life. Who owns your banking data? you or the bank or the credit union or…

Who owns your credit card transactions?

Who owns your GPS information?

super simple – ultracomplex