Let Me Help You Start Up!

Let me help you start up your Startup!

Some work I have been doing recently:

  • Business development helping engineers, artists and visionaries monetize their interesting ideas
  • Designing Pitch decks that get the attention of Venture Capitalists
  • Pitching those ideas that I believe in to the Venture Capital firms
  • Creating highly detailed design documents for programming outsource
  • UX design for mobile projects
  • Architecture design for large online systems
  • Hiring of staff from Programmers, Accountants, Legal, Artists, Designers

email me at myname @ myname .com or call me at 512- 750 -9220

I love to help you make your dreams come true.  I think big and help people structure their ideas so they can grow.  See my recommendation page.  Also google me or facebook me to talk to people that know me…  Since it is best to always check references.  I prefer clients that do!