Happy Father’s Day

one of my favorite Dad stories… I think I was like 5 or 6 since this was in California.

He and I walk up to the bank and there is a very long line about 20+ people and one poor frustrated looking teller. I grumble that this is going to take forever.

And Dad says “Yes, it is. One person can only do so much. But you can decide if the experience is enjoyable or not.” He then strikes up a conversation with the annoyed looking woman in front of us. And then he artfully joins in the guy in front of her. Within a minute or so, the whole line is talking and laughing. The teller was so grateful to my Dad and his kind words to her that she looks ready to cry. Dad says something about “all of us being in this together…” And you can tell he means much more than standing in a line in the bank. :-)

As we leave… he asks me if I learned something 😉 I said “yep!” And look back at a line of people that are still laughing and talking to each other. And wonder at how infectious emotions can be…

That’s my Daddy! Thank you for being a joy to so many more people than just your family.