happiness is contagious – pass it on! esp to strangers?

http://www.bmj.com/cgi/content/full/337/dec04_2/a2338 British Medical Journal

Harvard Medical School Office of Public Affairs
Happiness is a collective – not just individual – phenomenon

A Study To Smile About: Happiness Is Contagious

Course what I think is interesting is a neighbor is 34% more likely while a spouse is only 8%.  I think this explains much.

course with these little biological guys…
It can go the other way too with negative emotion.
And again – looks like us gals really are “more sensitive.” I’m betting this is one of those baby raising things again.  Biology does like for us to be more aware of the kiddo’s needs and wants.

so consider that before being a grumpybutt…  Your spouse can handle it better than a neighbor but you do have to sleep with your spouse.