Founded businesses including arranging startup capital, hiring and firing of employees and P&L statements

  • Electech, and

Founded nonprofits

  • ( is a subset of LOTV),

Assisted Numerous Startups and NonProfits

Managerial Skills

Group Management

  • Developed several large projects spanning multiple countries and leading multiple teams on rapid development and deployment schedules
  • Helped manage five Political campaigns, at one time organizing over 2500 volunteers
  • Created and managed a special statewide effort involving multiple levels of government officials from both parties to both support my candidate and held fund raisers benefiting the campaign
  • Security Supervisor for thirty to fifty employees with responsibilities involving personnel safety training and crowd control
  • Orchestrated large technical teams in scoping out entire international project workflows in MS project
  • Run numerous thinktanks with industry leaders attracting such luminaries as Bill Bradley and Jimmy Wales

Crisis Management and Recovery Experience

  • Oversaw and completed successful data rescue in 3 days with geographically dispersed team members after having only been on the job for two weeks. No backups had been made created their servers.  I created a new internet policy for company and re-negotiated the internet contract for them with their providers in the next two weeks.
  • Helped organize the first Crisiscamp and another Crisiscamp at SXSW 2010

Quality Management and Leadership

  • Six Sigma Project Champion
  • Insured paperwork compliance with accreditation agencies for students and instructors and was the only Program Chair in Austin to successful complete said paperwork without penalty
  • Consistently creating understandable metrics, setting employee expectations and managing client deliverables

Coaching, Training and Mentorship

  • Designed and Created new instructor orientation and associated manual
  • Successfully hired, trained, supervised, evaluated and mentored several new instructors
  • Taught free technical courses for various non profit organizations
  • Maintained a 99.7% approval rating as a “rescue” trainer that reorients unhappy clients
  • Enjoys mentoring college interns and at risk teenage girls in her spare time

Sales, Marketing and Event Planning Experience

  • Saved local business approximately $100K in software expenses by evaluation usage patterns and obtaining special deals with software vendors
  • Saved close to $600K in software expenses for large multinational company
  • Recruited and kept over 300 customers for a customized ISP service involving co-location services
  • Orchestrated several highly successful student-focused events including a weekend long event with 2000 women in attendance
  • Held successful international sales call meetings with CEO/CIO level executives
  • Created and delivered marketing materials for political campaigns
    Organized charitable fundraising events and solicited donations and sponsorships
  • Consistently has thrown parties at SXSW with 1200- 1600 attendees with full social media promotion both were top trending events on Twitter

International Skills

  • Managed relationships between management, programming and networking teams of both clients and business partners in various parts of the world
  • Designed two international content management sites to span 5-20 countries
  • International speaking engagements on the topic of Open Government
  • Collaborated with various governments on their openness and transparency procedures in regards to e-democracy

Community Creation

  • Created an online community creation strategy for
  • Advised various nonprofits on their community creation strategies
  • Organized various communities through wiki creation, training and restructuring
  • Helped with Team organization and goal setting

Technical Skills


  • Created and installed various EC2 and S3 instances for testing purposes
  • Familiar with GridEngine and Unicluster for documentation and teaching purposes
  • Power user of most cloud storage technologies
  • Power user of SAAS, PAAS, IAAS and have taught clients in usage
  • Participated in many early conversations in the grid and cloud communities about the definition of the “cloud”

Social Media

  • Launched various scale social media campaigns including social media sites, viral video promotion and contest awards
  • Organized numerous extremely successful social events using purely social media tools
  • Was top tweeter for Austin Texas from 2006-2009 current switch btn 1-5th place


  • Server Installation, Maintenance, Security, Backups and Administration since 1993 including Windows 3.11, Windows NT, Windows 2000
  • Basic Linux web server skills for hosting of several hundred web sites
  • Basic Scripted automation skills including computer setup for mixed hardware classroom environments


  • Designed, implemented and troubleshot databases since 1988
  • Created database application utilizing ADO.NET datasets allowing for a dynamic schema in C#
  • Integrated legacy database with SQL Server 2000 for CMS (Content Management System) implementation
  • Designed, implemented and installed MS SQL 6.5 7.0 2000 databases under NT Server
  • Designed databases in a variety of architectures, including Relational (Sybase, SQL Anywhere, Access, etc) and hybrid and navigational (dBase, FoxPro, Paradox, Filemaker Pro)
  • Wrote parsing scripts in sed/awk to standardize widely-varying formats of incoming data,including ASCII, EBCDIC, Word Perfect, and scanned paper documents.


  • Set up large CMS (Content Management System) for a multinational game publisher
  • Set up Secure Server for e-commerce transactions for multinational fortune 500 company
  • Familiar with Site Server 3.0., Commerce Server 2000 and Content Management Server 2001
  • Set up Verisign and Cybercash certifications
  • Designed client and server-side JavaScript using ASP pages to interact with SQL Server
  • Web authoring software:  FrontPage 1.0 – 2000, Dreamweaver 2.0 and 3.0, MX Homesite 4.5, Net Objects Fusion, Cold Fusion, Visual Interdev 6.0, Flash 4.0 and 5.0 and MX
  • Content management systems: Drupal, WordPress including installation and customization and scripting


  • Created manuals and instructional materials on almost every project done in the past 20 years
  • Design and implemented various workflow and UX designs in cutting edge technologies while creating builtin analytical systems to monitor design decisions to modify when necessary
  • Familiar with Visio, Rational Rose, Omnigraffle and
  • Versed in basic flowcharting, UML, Systems design and UX toolsets
  • Implemented basic usability heuristics in design of multiple large systems from CMS, e-commerce, gaming systems, online ladder creation, and virtual worlds

Coursework Taught

  • MCT, MCSE NT/2000, MCDBA 7.0/ 2000, MCP+ I, and ID 1497310
  • CIW Master Designer Certified Instructor
  • Taught Photoshop 5.5 and 6.0, Dreamweaver 3.0 and 4.0, Flash 5.0, JavaScript, XML, Site Server 3.0, Intro to Java, CIW and Microsoft Official  Curriculum Courses
  • Created new courseware for traditional software courses and custom courseware for software rollouts
  • Created and taught management courses for college students covering problem solving, project management and instructional design

Additional Software Skills

  • Microsoft Project 98 and 2000
  • Visio 2000
  • 3D Studio Max, Flash, ImageReady 2.0, Paint (primarily for technical optimization of web site art)
  • Microsoft Word and Excel, WordStar, WordPerfect, PowerPoint
  • Google docs, Salesforce, Basecamp, Github, Google apps, most wikis, DropBox
  • Keynote, Prezi, Gliffy


Legislative Liaison for Texas ACLU on Cyber liberties issues
Board of directors for
Board of directors for Texas Assoc of NonProfit Organizations
Personal Evangelist for Maker Faire 2007
Member of International Game Developers Assoc, Austin Game Developers, and Women In Games
Mentor for inspiring junior high school women to succeed in Math and Science
Instructor for, a nationwide women’s technical networking group based in Austin, TX
Member of the HTML Writers Guild
Web design instructor at the Austin WorkSource Re-employment Center