Resume – Chrono


2014 – present Community Director and Product Director for

  • Created and implemented community plan including regular hackathons, developer meetups and re-design of developer resources including SDK, website, and licenses
  • Product manage all aspects of a medium size international team including hardware, electronics, software development, SDK, community, logistics, marketing, customer support, technical support, testing, documentation, and sales
  • Training of teams in regards to use of new product management toolset, software versioning, agile software application development, proper testing procedures, common open source development methodologies, and API development with versioning

2012 – 2013 Business Advisor for

  • Market research for both underlying technology and possible product creation
  • Project management
  • UX design for several possible products
  • Social Media Marketing Plan
  • Open Source Community Creation Plan
  • Kickstarter Development Plan and Promotion

2012 Community Curator at Shared Learning Collaborative

  • Launched a developer community website for Alpha launch in one month
  • Designed and ran two codeathons to recruit new development teams
  • Marketed a new bounty program for Open Source Applications to sit on SLC platform
  • Continuous development on website including content creation, curation and new featureset development to support growing developer community

2011 – 2012 Developer Community Manager at SalsaLabs Inc

  • Created a Developer Community Program including tutorials, policy and procedures
  • Designed systems architecture and UX to support partnership program
  • Held several codeathons to help establish Developer Community program with WordPress and Drupal Communities
  • Created a 3rd party App marketplace and partnership co-marketing program
  • Planned Transition program to Open Source including integration applications with other Open Source Communities

2010 – 2013 Co-Founder of

  • iPhone app for teaching music theory in an engaging call and response game format
  • Business Plan development and raising of seed money
  • Project management including hiring and firing of contract programmers and artists
  • UX design
  • Market research for an educational music app for children
  • Social media marketing with over 120K downloads
  • Number one educational app in apple appstore
  • Number one musical app in apple appstore
  • Pitched sale of Tunehopper to other various entities including Rovio and Rhino records

2010 Business Advisor for

  • Market research
  • Business plan development
  • UX design for prototype

2009 – 2010 Founder of

  • Codeathon in Washington DC where over 15 different Open Source Projects were designed and 7 were demoed
  • Met with numerous city, state and federal agencies currently having ongoing conversations w GSA, GPO, Lib of congress, FDLP, NYSenate
  • Numerous coding demos around the country for various agencies and officials
  • Presentation at various conferences like OSCON, Gov2.0 and Politics Online

2005- 2010 Performance Consultant

  • Advisory board for Texas Association of NonProfit Orgs, EFF-Austin, Reframeit, Recipco and occasional legislative liaison for ACLU TX
  • Invited and compensated guest for prestigious thinktanks such as Aspen institute and Berkman Center at Harvard.
  • Business development contracting work helping create social media plans and metrics
  • Invited and compensated conference speaker for Web 3.0, social media, enterprise commerce, women in tech, open community, open data, cloud and grid computing, Canadian govt.
  • Consulted and created social media promotion plans with numerous NonProfits
  • Helped create Executive Director certification program for with a focus on technology use to build community, save money and raise funds

2008 Open Source Evangelist at

  • Launched new Open Source community site with over 2400 members, 100,000 unique visitors and over 2500 downloads with over 300 YUM installations
  • Architected new open publishing format that allows cross-publication over websites
  • Created SBTP – Simple Bug Tracking Protocol
  • Speaking engagements teaching Social Media Marketing, Community Development, and Open Source processes in business
  • Formulated and implemented a social media marketing plan resulting in an increase of community awareness and membership

2005 – 2010 Founder and Executive Director of the League of Technical Voters

  • Filed and obtained 501c3 status
  • Organized and promoted 3 Codeathons and a Designathon where 170 people donated time over several weekends (48hours) to design, build and improve opens source software for non-profit organizations
  • Organized “We are all actors” a weekend workshop where we brought together leaders in social media, identity, nonprofit community, and business to create a proposal for the Transparent Federal Budget for Bill Bradley and Jimmy Wales
  • Architected a revolutionary piece of social networking software for the League of Technical Voters
  • Recruited an Advisory Board
  • Created Bylaws and other policy statements to obtain 501c3 status
  • Launched a site that creates versioning information from so that citizen’s can see the differences
  • Numerous speaking engagement promoting Open Government and Open Source practices
  • Promotion of an Open Data Standards Liaison position for new US CTO office

2006 -2007 Co-Founder

  • Created and Closed a Texas based nonprofit organization
  • Assisted non-profit organizations in implementing robust low- to moderate-cost open source web-based solutions
  • Worked with open source developers, and looked for opportunities to give new or improved software back to the Open Source community

2006 Executive Director for

  • Organized and scheduled all board meetings
  • Organized, Scheduled and Promotion for all membership meetings
  • Networked with various “green” businesses in town
  • Did necessary paperwork for various grants
  • Used social media and other methods to recruit speakers and sponsorship of events increasing attendance from 20 to 160
  • Created and updated Drupal Website

2004 – 2005 Database Programmer at NCSoft

  • Troubleshot various database implementation problems and suggested database schema optimizations
  • Maintained two older pieces of software written in VB 6.0
  • Analyzed and lobbied for the use of project management software
  • Designed a flexible database application in ADO.NET

2003 – 2004: Chair, School of Information Technology at ITT Technical College

  • National Curriculum Review board member – reviewed and corrected current and pending curricula for the Multimedia and Computer Networking System Degree Programs for ITT’s 144 campuses
  • Team leader for School Retention Committee maintaining attendance at a higher than average level
  • Responsible for interviewing, hiring and reviewing 20+ instructors
  • Constructed a new instructor orientation manual and retrained 50+ instructors resulting in a 96% student satisfaction approval rating
  • Founder and Advisor to IT and multimedia clubs
  • Organizer of successful school-wide social events to promote students to possible employers
  • Responsible for administrative review for 250+ students including advising on attendance, academic and behavioral compliance
  • Responsible for school-wide software, hardware and policy compliance with corporate, state and national standards and guidelines
  • Scheduled and performance reviewed 50+ instructors on a quarterly basis
  • Performed needs assessment to identify students training needs, applied teaching strategies, and evaluated student performance within the program resulting in a superior score from the Texas Higher Education Board

2000 – 2003: Contracting with IT – Specialist and Trainer

  • Researched and advised companies on the use of available CMS (Content Management Systems) technologies
  • Conducted successful sales interviews with customers on the CEO/CIO level for $600k contract
  • Configured a 3 stage implementation of a CMS system for a large multinational company using Windows 2000 Server, IIS 5.0, SQL Server 2000, Commerce Server 2000, and Content Management Server 2001 – helped save $600k in software costs
  • Researched, created and wrote a complete systems manual — from installation to security configuration and maintenance
  • Used six sigma analytical techniques such as flow charts, surveys, process mapping analyses to eliminate duplication, facilitate workflow, and assure optimum utilization of staff time and communication for international teams
  • Trained technical staff on the installation and maintenance of newly installed software using above manual
  • Managed relationships between management, programming and networking teams of both clients and business partners in various parts of the world
  • Taught C# Frameworks and Data Warehousing in SQL Server 2000 at Austin Community College

2000 – 2001:  Infotec Inc. – Technical Trainer

  • Achieved a 99.7% approval rating while teaching an average of 60hr a week with a typical class size of 12 technical professionals per class
  • Flown out on an emergency basis to resolve problem courses at other Infotec locations
  • Created custom courseware in very limited timeframes on such diverse topics as Java Servlets, XML, Dreamweaver, Photoshop and intermediate level JavaScript.   My audience varied from the technical neophyte to the sophisticated programmer and demanding sys admin
  • Taught SQL Server, Windows NT, HTML, Photoshop 5.5, FrontPage 98, and JavaScript courses
  • Taught CIW Master Designer Courses including Foundations, Site Design and E-commerce: These courses include teaching such software as FrontPage 2000, Dreamweaver 3.0, Homesite 4.5, Flash 4.0, Site Server E-commerce edition, RightNow Web, JavaScript, DHTML, XML, CSS, and ASP

1999 – 2000:  Contracting for Exemplar Technologies Inc.

  • Obtained Seimans sale contact and assisted as technical advisor on sales calls
  • Created Site Server 3.0 installation and lock down policies for Siemans’s e-commerce site
  • Analyzed and planned for the integration of systems and software for an n-tier web based e-commerce infrastructure
  • Architected data warehouse setup for both redundancy, scalability and analytical capabilities
  • Researched, evaluated and recommended 3rd party tools
  • Responsible for installing and maintaining various NT servers and database servers
  • Set up Windows 2000 web servers for testing purposes
  • Updated and maintained various websites in ASP

1998 – 1999:  Murder of Crows / BlueByte Software – Web Administratrix

  • Created new international internet architecture, significantly reducing costs
  • Created a company-wide internet rescue policy
  • Defined statements of work, determined appropriate pricing levels and reviewed and modified contracts with UUNET to establish international connectivity, firewalls and co-location after several rounds of RFI and RFP’s
  • Managed web teams in several different countries
  • Set up and maintained NT and UNIX webservers
  • Designed online game site and scheduled the site creation
  • Designed and programmed an informational game site in ASP using Project and Visio for project management and implementation
  • Designed and programmed an on-line interactive beta testers bug tracking web site

1998:  BNS Inc. – Partner

  • Created a new business model for sophisticated web developers who needed more programming options than current ISP’s were providing, then sold this service and ISDN lines to over 300 clients.
  • Primary tasks included web design, server setup and maintenance for both Linux and NT web servers
  • Wrote scripts in various languages including Perl and JavaScript and created Servlets in Java
  • Responsible for financials, bookkeeping, sales, and marketing

1997 – Current:  Freelance Web Developer

  • Developed and programmed web site designs including setup of secure servers with Verisign and Cybercash certification.
  • Specialization in search engine optimization (with one client I achieved a top ten ranking for her site on the top 7 search engines)
  • Developed and maintained sites for various NonProfit Organizations using Drupal – an open source CMS

1995 – 1996:  ElecTech – Founder

  • Designed and implemented an alpha computer program for running political campaigns.  Primary tools used were Delphi 1.0 and 2.0 and Sybase SQL with SQL Anywhere
  • Created a detailed business plan and solicited venture capital
  • Wrote parsing scripts in sed/awk to standardize widely-varying formats of incoming data including ASCII, EPSDIC, Word Perfect, and scanned paper documents.

1989 – 1995:  Freelance Political Consultant/Campaign Manager

  • As a political consultant, I worked on several different levels of political campaigns from local to statewide, in various roles including several positions as Campaign Manager
  • In six years won 8 out of 10 campaigns
  • Strategized and organized fundraisers with statewide delegates across Texas
  • Hired and managed staff, trained and recruited data entry volunteers, managed campaign volunteers (up to 300 direct reports)
  • Designed several databases for tracking voting and donation patterns for later analysis
  • Provided network and MIS services, often obtaining donated hardware and software
  • Coordinated polling and surveys and ran successful advertising efforts based on these polls
  • Targeted, designed and coordinated direct mailouts from design to printer to bulk mailing permits
  • Organized numerous phone banks and organized targeted block walks of various neighborhoods

1992 – 1993: State Representative Greenberg’s Staff – Administrative Assistant

  • Created a constituent database and an issues tracking database
  • Handled numerous complicated constituent requests
  • Researched and wrote legislation addressing various concerns of constituents


  • Bachelor of Science, Political Science, University of Texas at Austin 1992
  • 2 yrs of computer programming courses at Austin Community College 1994-1996
  • Six Sigma Champion 2000
  • Accelerated Learning Trainer 2003
  • Train the Trainer development course 1999
  • Microsoft Certified Trainer in MCSE and MCDBA 1998-2004
  • CIW Master Designer Certified Instructor 1999