Sen Bill Bradley

Jimmy Wales: founder of Wikipedia

Lunch Meet with Jimmy Wales on a Transparent Federal Budget

Additional Recommendations

“Silona is a master at bringing ideas to people strategically across institutions that matter.”

– Steven Clift

“Silona is a tireless advocate of transparency, access, and more effective government. Whether it’s working hands on with developers to produce new formats that enable interoperability and new apps (or simply reinforcing the use of existing standards!), or liaising with government officials directly to make her case, Silona would be a clutch asset on any team looking to effect real change.”

– Chris Messina: Open Web Advocate, Google

“Silona is, without a doubt, one of the most creative thinkers – and doers – in the field of transparent government. Her work extends beyond her original projects and serves as a foundation for others who care about transparency related issues.”

– Gina Cooper:
Founder Netroots Nation
Co-Founder (w Silona)

“Silona is an extremely talented technical leader, with a wide array of skills and experience, and the talent to inspire and teach others. But more than this, she has the rare ability to pull together a disparate set of talented individuals and turn them into a team. I would recommend her highly for any job that requires strong technical leadership, team-building, teaching, and mentoring skills.”

– Ellen Beeman:
Co-Founder, Women in Games International
Senior Producer, The Amazing Society
Former Lead Program Manager, Microsoft Corporation
Listed in Next-Gen Biz’s “Game Industry’s 100 Most Influential Women”

“Silona’s an amazing team player. I worked with her on a project to build the prototype for Obama’s new shortly before the 2008 election. She combined a deep knowlege of government and politics with organization skills, great communications with other members of the team (often in far flung locations and on different schedules), and a focus on the end result. She is sufficiently technical to keep up with engineering-heavy issues and can burn them down to the relevant truths. She also brings a tremendous amount of energy to any project team, a rare and valuable resource. I hope to work with her again soon.”

– Brian Behlendorf: CTO of World Economic Forum
Collaboration Advisor, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Advisor to the Chairman, World Economic Forum
Board Member, Mozilla Foundation
Board Member, CollabNet Inc.

“Silona is a unique mix of an innovator, technical expert, team builder and solution deliverer – all rolled into one. When I’ve worked with her, she has always successfully led and driven teams to complete complex tasks in an expedited fashion, while continually dealing with change in a professional manner. In everything she does, she instills focus around transparency and openness, which is in her blood. I’ve always been amazed by everything Silona can accomplish with a limited set of resources, and in doing so, she lifts the spirits of the entire team around her. Give her some sand and water, and she’ll bring a community together that will build you a skyscraper!”

– Sravish Sridhar: CEO of

“Silona Bonewald has the abilty to see right through the complexity woven by technology and politics in order to cut right to the heart of the challenge. Her understanding of both sides of this equation allows her to see solutions and communicate them effectively to all stakeholders.”

– Alan Rosenblatt, Ph.D.
Associate Director of Online Advocacy
Center for American Progress Action Fund

“The complexity of the problems we face today require solutions that will only come from people and organizations that do not naturally work together. Silona stands heads and shoulders above the crowd in her breadth of vision, depth of competency, ability to bring together diverse organizations and the talented individuals that drive their mission and achievements. Any job requiring these exemplary communications skills would be a wonderful fit for Silona.”

– Deborah Bryant:
Board Advisor, Open Source Digital Voting Foundation (
contact the exec director, Gregory Miller

“Silona Bonewald is one of those people you meet once and never forget. She’s smart, persuasive, and threads together varied interests and communities to form a collective quilt of people, ideas, and revolutions. Silona’s work in the technology community has easily transferred to this exquisite new area of technology and civic action. Her work on Citability is a critical step in the evolution of the Internet and how people disseminate information. Silona is, without a doubt, an incredibly remarkable person.”

– Laurel Ruma: Gov 2.0 Evangelist, O’Reilly Media

“Silona is one of the few people I know who can take a project with potential for profound impact towards social goals and articulate it in terms of actionable and simple steps & architectures that people can rally around; and get others inspired to execute towards that vision.”

– Eduardo Jezierski: InSTEDD, VP of Engineering

“Silona is a masterful leader in whatever tasks she takes on. She is above and beyond others in her fields of interest, particularly open government. The best part about Silona is she has community power on
her said, and effectively builds campaigns, not just checking off tasks. This is an important skill for any organization seeking one who can solve abstract problems with concrete deadlines.”

– Jon Phillips: Community Director, Status.Net.

“Silona is a whirlwind of enthusiasm, the benevolent Pied Piper of open government. I watch what she’s up to because I’m confident that whatever it is, it will be interesting stuff. She can rally the troops and get smart people to pay attention in ways I find utterly amazing. Definitely hire her and she’ll work with you to make wonderful things happen.”

– Raymond Yee, Ph.D.: President, Data Unbound
Author, Pro Web 2.0 Mashups

“Silona is someone you can count on getting the job done right.”

– P.K. Agarwal: CEO, TiE Global

“Silona is both a brilliant analytical technologist, spotting where systems can be improved years ahead of anyone else, and an inspiring organizer and tummler, able to get disparate people to find common ground and co-operate. I’m looking forward to her next venture with great interest.”

– Kevin Marks: VP Web Services, BT
Board Member, OpenSocial Foundation
Technical Advisory Board Member + Founder, Open Rights Group