Big pink elephant in the room of transparency

or is it that bigggg overhanging rock in the background that everyone knows if gonna fall but no one wants to admit it?

I am talking about the complete lack of change management in government for all this “transparency.”  Okay so in my little echo chamber all we ever hear about is how awesome and easy transparency is.  Well guys, I am from Texas.  I have relatives and friends that are from that other side…  remember them?  the 46% that lost?  well many of them aren’t so sure about this “transparency thing.”

The Texan presenters at the transparency conference we did in Austin Texas on May 15th (with Vivek Kundra and Bill Bradley) were a good illustration of this divide.

All the other side sees is a bunch of reckless change happening. They are all just sitting around wondering when they are going to get hurt by this.  They express concerns over privacy and security.

And they are all waiting for us to screw up so they can say we told you so.  And um I can’t blame them…

I mean where is the training?  Where is the change management?  We are doing some big stuff here and we are poised to make serious mistakes and I see no prelim work being done to prevent this.  Where are the best practices in open govt documents?  All I see are “I want” lists.  I have not seen us doing anything serious to ally their fears.

Do not get me wrong, I am seriously happy about all the change that is happening.  I mean I was wanting it 5 yrs ago when that 46% was 51% and everyone told me I was nuts (even those that are on our side now.)

But I am frustrated that I can’t get support on the change management side of things.  The training that all the normal people in govt need to adapt to the new way of things.  All the bureaucrats and such the “webees” as in we be still here when you be gone (because your candidate is no longer in office.)  These people are typically nonpartisan at heart and we need to win them over.  But we won’t until we adapt to their language. We need explain our new processes and why they exist and how they work and why they are so darn nifty.

oh yea and um at least publically defining those processes would be a good starting point (hint hint.)

I know budgets are tight.  Mine is too (since I have been unemployed since Feb.) but we need to prioritize better.  And if we don’t “sharpen the saw” we will all lose!  I want this change to be permanent something that does not unravel at the next changing of the guard.  If that means spending a bit extra to do it properly… let’s do it … please?