Agent of change

Wow this job hunting thing means I am constantly looking at my resume. It is a bit frustrating having been a hiring manager. I see too many jobs and accomplishments listed there. I am not sure I would hire me… at least I wouldn’t for some of the more boring jobs I have hired people for.

At one point someone highly placed in a well regarded company ( if I said who you would know who it is – so I won’t!) thought that my resume made me looked like I was a liar. Later we became friends and the person confessed. This is all odd to me. See I don’t see it as bragging. I look at it and ask myself why haven’t you gone further and done more. What flaw is holding you back? (and as a hiring manger I think – and how will that effect this company since this flaw could be dangerous.)

I can see my ADD persona screaming from the pages. I can see it saying “I can do so much for you if you let me.” So many of those groups/companies are happy I worked for them. But jobs are like relationships, and it is hard to eat double chocolate fudge cake every day. I am a serial monogamist there too. And not every company needs me for the long term. On some level, I think I should work for a large company that can afford to have me as a floater. But of course that exact openness is something a large company never allows.

It is tough… I could write a resume a hiring manager would love. You know make it task based. Skip over all the jobs and the fact I have been working for 24 years (ouch.) Do all of these things to make the document more friendly and super targeted. But is that fair? I think they should know I am double chocolate fudge cake w ganache frosting. That way I get more done. They want and are interested in change. So they hire me…  That is the preferred scenario.

I have been a consultant but that hurts on the health care and the stability issue. And I have been pondering the kids question (ooo dangerous topic.) I have to admit that is why I was thinking about Microsoft. Say what you will my OS advocate friends but MS takes care of people and allows them to have families. (I could rant here about MS outdated business model makes them do dumb things not MS itself. Ask me sometime how I think MS could fix its model…)

I am an agent of change. I do not deny this. But do not think for a moment I am not someone that gets things done.  I’ll get things done job or not… I’d just like to get paid for it :-)