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Govt Transparency and Privacy Rights w Katherine Druckman, Linux Journal’s webmaster

(My fav is Brian Behlendorf talking about Open Source Communities)

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Vidoop OpenID and Data Portability interview SXSW 2008 – Open Source Clustering software Community also Drizzle

Codeathons, OSCON, Open Source for Nonprofits, Open Education

First Codeathon in Austin Texas

Open Govt 2.0 interview w GovFresh

Also at

Transparent Federal Budget and Gaming

Open Govt

Open Govt at Transparency Camp in DC

Money and OpenData w HeresTomWithTheWeather

Open Dialogue Coalition – standards for online dialogue w Dazza from the MIT Media Lab

NetGenWeb interviews Silona Bonewald of the League of Technical Voters and in the importance of FLOSS software

Austin Lifestyles interview about FLOSS and Open Govt

Taxonomies folksnomies and ontologies and education w SRI

Thinktank on identity and open standards

Public Intellect interview


Podcast on Open Source Communities, Lady Gaga and Google

Early podcast about Transparent Federal budget project

Podcasts on ITConversations


Data Ownership and Educational Activism

Mozilla’s Drumbeat

Interview w Oreilly on Open Sourcing Govt