I am a geek.  I created my first database in the late 80’s in dBase 3+. I love data.  I love patterns.  There is a reason that my religion on facebook is listed as, “semiotics”.  One of the most fulfilling things I do in life is look at patterns.  I love to look at structures and figure out the base structure that created the pattern.  In nature, I find so much beauty and balance and I am soothed by it. I want to bring that same beauty and balance to human constructs where it is so often lacking. (As per Ishmael.)

My superpower is using technology to right wrongs for people that lack power.  In my old age,  I have learned the best way to do that is to create balance. 😉

Because of my unique name and my work on the internet and with data, I am very involved in identity and privacy issues…

I think this short post sums it up well How to Save the World in 3 Easy Steps

More about me…