30 days of happiness

So in honor of solstice, new years and the other holidays, I am going to do 30 days of posts on happiness.

I don’t always promise that they are completely happy posts but more reflections on happiness.

One reason I am doing this is because I have gotten into some negative storytelling patterns that I would like to break.  So this is more a pursuit of happiness…

Topics I am pondering are:

  1. Mazlow’s Hierarchy of Needs
  2. Why I love thinktanks
  3. Changing patterns of thought – chose to win
  4. We are physical beings
  5. Food and drink – hedonism go!
  6. Exercise, movement and dance
  7. How being happy makes me smarter
  8. Sounds I love and why
  9. Crafting and making
  10. Spirituality – and semiotics
  11. Friendship and associations
  12. Humanity as a whole – love/hate relationship
  13. Why I love Austin and traveling
  14. Family
  15. Children in my life
  16. Rituals
  17. Fame and fortune = respect?
  18. Sleep and Dreams
  19. Deadlines and accomplishments
  20. Social schedules
  21. Flow
  22. Confidence
  23. Honest, truth and light
  24. Safety
  25. Health
  26. Breathing
  27. What it means to Fly
  28. Stuff and things
  29. Costumes and pretending
  30. Resolutions

They may change… these are just jumping off points.  But hopefully I will link them to the appropriate posts in the future.